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Development Skills

  • Methodologies – Agile, Iterative, Test-Driven, Waterfall
  • Analysis – functional requirements, interfaces, specifications
  • Design – formal object modeling techniques using Unified Modeling Language (UML), iterative approach focused on milestones, rapid prototyping
  • Develop and Build – Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, GNU GCC with a specialization in building open source libraries and frameworks
  • Testing – load and stress, white box/black box, harnesses, planning and implementation, automated tracking and management
  • Documentation – system, network, end user, maintenance


  • Hidden Markov Modeling
  • Scheduling Theory
  • Normalization and Optimization Techniques
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Neural Networks
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Statistical and Cluster Analysis

Our Favorite Tools and Tech

Application Areas

  • Computer Vision with OpenCV
    • Custom detection and recognition algorithms
    • 2D Barcode detection, facial recognition, motion detection, biologic cell segmentation
    • Adaptive Thresholding, Binarization, Edge Detection
    • OpenCV-based implementations on Windows, Linux, DSP
    • IDS Camera Control SDK
    • Optimization using Intel NEON instruction set
  • Embedded Applications
    • Usage of Yocto infrastructure and build tools
    • Variscite, Gumstix hardware
    • Android Device Driver development
  • Web
    • OAuth 2, SSO
    • REST API development
    • Application development using Angular, jQuery
    • Vector Drawing using Raphaeljs
    • Server-side development using Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, Java
  • Mobile
    • Android and iOS native applications
    • Phonegap-based cross-platform development
    • Response applications using jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap
  • Information Retrieval
    • Search, Query Optimization, Spatial, Fuzzy, Semantic
    • Data Warehousing and Multidimensional Analysis
    • Collection, categorization, ontology definition and implementation
  • High Performance Computing
    • Memcached, Redis in-memory databases
    • Apache Mina
    • NGINX web scaling
    • NoSQL solutions including LucidDB, CouchDB
    • Cloud Computing on AWS