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DataNaut leverages a distributed development team, open source and agile development principles to provide our customers with unique applications to meet their business needs.

A driving force in many of our applications is Open Source. By leveraging open source technologies, the DataNaut team can focus on what’s important to the customer and not reinventing the wheel.

DataNaut approaches each development effort using our proven agile development methodology. At the center of our agile methodology is the Atlassian Toolset including Jira, Jira Agile, Jira Capture and Confluence.  Atlassian tools are built to support agile development and DataNaut uses these tools for every customer project.

Distributed Development

Distributed Development

DataNaut employs a team of international technology experts to meet our customer’s unique needs.  Most of the DN team has been working together for over 14 years providing a cohesive and stable group that our customer’s depend on.  Enhancing DataNaut’s development expertise is our diverse team of technical advisors.  Ranging from remote sensing to electrical engineering our advisors help us apply the right techniques, tools and technologies to implement complex applications.

Open Source

Open Source

Open source is a key part of our methodology. Leveraging existing code allows us to focus on what’s important in the application instead of getting distracted with development that has already been created. OpenCV, Android, Qt, Linux, Phonegap, Boost, Openfire, MySQL, Angular, jQuery are among the many wares that we have worked with and bring to the table for a project.

Agile Approach


The final part of our methodology is agile software development, which highlights our belief in collaborative solution development. It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen tight interactions throughout the development cycle. A big piece of our agile process is using Atlassian tools. We’ve been Atlassian customers for over six years and leverage their products throughout our software development process. For small to medium size projects we include Atlassian OnDemand as part of our service or can install and manage Atlassian Suite on your local network.