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TotalTrax Experiences Significant Cost and Time Savings with DataNaut Expertise

TotalTrax, a leading provider of real time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations, contracted with DataNaut to provide technical services to develop computer vision technologies and business intelligence, leveraging DataNaut’s extensive experience in desktop, server and web application development. DataNaut’s extensive experience developing complex applications along with their Computer Vision experience made them the front-runner to tackle TotalTrax’s unique technical objectives.

The DataNaut team offered TotalTrax a complete solution. In today’s environment it’s not about a single application but a suite of integrated services that can be extended and enhanced over time. This requires seeing the whole picture and creating a technical roadmap that meets business objectives and also respects constraints. Having a single vendor that can deliver on the roadmap in a cost-effective manner gave TotalTrax a competitive edge.

Working with TotalTrax to support their computer vision needs, took advantage of DataNaut’s extensive experience using OpenCV as well as custom algorithm development. It presented TotalTrax with a highly capable team to implement specialized computer vision applications. Using OpenCV is a critical aspect of the project. OpenCV is an excellent open source library that allowed DataNaut to focus on core functionality rather than image processing blocking and tackling. This translated into a significant cost and time-savings for TotalTrax.

DataNaut’s services included –

  • Microsoft and Linux client development using Qt, OpenCV and Boost
  • ARM development using Gumstix Overo and DuoVero Computer-on-Module
  • Computer vision algorithms for real-time bar code detection
  • Real-time vehicle tracking using Apache Mina and XMPP
  • Large-scale data warehouse and business intelligence leveraging Linux-based software and LucidDb
  • Microsoft Server Application Development – IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Server

About TotalTrax
TotalTrax, Inc. is the leading provider of real time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Offering a complete technology platform that transforms traditional material handling vehicles into “smart trucks.” TotalTrax provides solutions that automate data collection and reporting for materials handling operations. With patented hardware, software, reporting and business intelligence tools, TotalTrax delivers substantial value in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity and inventory accuracy. By automating vehicle usage, maintenance, impacts and lift truckload and location visibility data, customers are able to reduce or eliminate the inaccuracies normally associated with operator input. The resulting business intelligence provides the insight needed to implement immediate improvements resulting in documented productivity gains.

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